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Student : How to organize your move when you are a student?

Updated to August 24, 2021

It's your first move and you don't know how to organize yourself? What are the steps to successfully settle in your future student accommodation? What are the administrative procedures to anticipate and how to be ready for the big day!

What are the essential elements to anticipate before entering your accommodation?

Electricity / gas in your future home: a step not to be forgotten!

This is a quick and easy process to organize at least one week in advance.
Remember to ask your landlord, your university residence or the real estate agency for all the information necessary to communicate it to the energy supplier.

You change apartment

You simply have to notify your energy supplier of your change of domicile. He will take care of terminating your contract and opening another with the information of your next home (if you keep the same energy supplier).

You move into your first apartment

Don't panic ... If you have never taken this step, all you have to do is contact the energy supplier of your choice. You can learn about the different sites of energy suppliers, and even make an online request on the supplier's site to start building your file. Then, you will receive a call from an advisor, to establish your contract and to activate the electricity in your home.

To know

If you are in a university residence, you must also do this. Do not hesitate to ask your interlocutor who takes care of the residence, all the necessary information. As a student and if you respect the attribution conditions, you can benefit from financial assistance from the State to reduce your energy costs: the energy check.

Water in your home: it's a must!

Another step to take in the organization of your move: remember to ask yourself this question several weeks before your move.

Your water meter is in collective housing

For this situation, normally, you do not have to take any action. Water meters are usually not closed and this is not your responsibility. If you have any questions, you can contact the landlord, your university residence or the real estate agency to make sure.

Your water meter is in the individual accommodation

Contact the water service in your municipality to open a meter at least two weeks before D-Day. To do this, you can find the contact details on the internet and at the town hall.

To note

Even if the water consumption is often included in the rent charges, it is advisable to read the water meter during the entry inventory.

Your wi-fi connection: essential for studying!

You already have a contract
You must contact your operator to notify them of your move in order to transfer your connection.

You don't have a contract
Compare the prices of the different operators and establish a connection contract for your future accommodation.

What are the administrative procedures to remember before your move?

You change your address: don't forget to forward your mail

Vous devez aussi informer de votre déménagement La Poste. Il est possible de faire votre changement d'adresse et de demander une redirection de courriel (service payant).

Your address on the various organizations is very important to continue receiving your emails: it must be updated! To do this, there is a declaration form for a change of postal address on the site.

You must also inform La Poste of your move. It is possible to change your address and request an email forwarding.

Your home insurance: an obligation

You are required to take out home insurance. Compare the prices of different insurance companies and plan to take out a contract before the day you hand over the keys. When you enter the premises, your owner, your agency or the person in charge of the university residence will ask you for proof.

Did you know ?

Moving assistance may be granted by certain organizations or departments. Do not hesitate to inquire at the ADIL closest to you to find out about it.

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